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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Monday Morning Treasure! TKST = :)

Waking up on a monday morning after a weekend of pulling double shifts, working two jobs and spending half of the earnings i'd made on eating out, truly epitomises the extent of my first world problems!
The weekend, now over, my heart is still pumping and i'm stepping out of a bed with blankets rather then a cave with leaves, clarifies that the problems i am often faced with are really nothing to be worried about.
For me, It's days like these that make finding new music the biggest treat a 23 year old western-world human could ever wake up to. 
Sometimes days like these can be compared to christmas, or a birthday, though disappointingly, that wasn't today!
This morning i discovered the sounds of 'The Kite String Tangle!' 
My pessimistic attitude towards living subsided, i thought positively about my food and bank account situation, and my life as an 'energetic-youth-kickarse-motherfucker' transformed into fruition! 
After reading the bio listed on soundcloud, Danny Harley, aka 'The Kite String Tangle' appears to have already cemented a place within the Australian music scene. 
Having already played festivals such as Splendour, Peats Rigde, and Parklife, as a member of another band, it's safe to say that this mystical music making creature definately knows what the fuck he is doing! My suspicions lead me to believe that band is Brisbane unearthed outfit Pigeon, though i'm not 100% sure so stay tuned to see if we can get this cracker on our show and unlock the answers! Yarda, yarda, yarda, this guy (Danny Harley) makes fucken cool music, so listen to it and follow him!

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