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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Anyone after a film clip?

Attn: all budding muso's in desperate need of a film clip!

Recently Jake had the pleasure of helping out some of the second year students @ Griffith Film School on their viral video production titled 'SKATE.' Bag the action above!
The idea behind the clip was to create a viral video that sold a particular product, the product here being AKG headphones! The feel of this clip is set to replicate the starting scenes of the movie 'Drive' featuring Ryan Gosling. The lads and ladette's worked tirelessly over 3 nights at different locations around brisbane perfecting their craft, paying particular attention in detailing camera angles, shot selection, lighting and shot structure!
Dane, Anthony, Mitch, Morgan, Ben and Bianca formed quite the team in piecing this one together, their individual roles are listed on the YouTube link!
If your keen for film clip, don't be shy! Get in contact with these guys and i'm sure they'll be able to do you a pretty sweeeeeeet deal! If not, i'm sure they'll accept back scratching forms of barter!

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