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Sunday, 13 January 2013


So yet another year has passed....Shit!

Good things to come in 2013:

1) New music
2) Everyone will turn a year older
3) The original ipod will probably be forgotten
4) Someone will release an album that everyone looses their shit over
5) Fashion trends will inevitably come back into fashion
6) This blog will have more posts added to it...

We're still on air on 4ZZZ, same time, same kids, more tunes, more shits, n' farts, n' interviews

Check out this track from canadian group Half Moon Run... Pretty chilled, enjoy!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Friday, 21 September 2012

Counting down the days til PARKLIFE 2012

Soo Parklife Brisbane officially kicks off a week from today!
To get into the mood of what is usually the start of the festival season we thought we'd have a chat to Harley Streten a.k.a FLUME, who this year, is officially popping his Parklife cherry as an artist on the bill. After doing a bit of research and snooping around some of the tracks Flume has posted on the internet, we couldn't resist the urge to ask him all about this ridiculous comment that was posted on his remix of Hermitude's track 'Hyperparadise.' (Read Above) Tune into the show on tuesday to hear the full 'awks' situations we put him through! Think piss, chicks, dad's and festivals! Part one of the chat is linked here...

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Anyone after a film clip?

Attn: all budding muso's in desperate need of a film clip!

Recently Jake had the pleasure of helping out some of the second year students @ Griffith Film School on their viral video production titled 'SKATE.' Bag the action above!
The idea behind the clip was to create a viral video that sold a particular product, the product here being AKG headphones! The feel of this clip is set to replicate the starting scenes of the movie 'Drive' featuring Ryan Gosling. The lads and ladette's worked tirelessly over 3 nights at different locations around brisbane perfecting their craft, paying particular attention in detailing camera angles, shot selection, lighting and shot structure!
Dane, Anthony, Mitch, Morgan, Ben and Bianca formed quite the team in piecing this one together, their individual roles are listed on the YouTube link!
If your keen for film clip, don't be shy! Get in contact with these guys and i'm sure they'll be able to do you a pretty sweeeeeeet deal! If not, i'm sure they'll accept back scratching forms of barter!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

BIGSOUND 2012 Night 1 of 2... to be continued

Last night kicked off BIGSOUND live 2012 with Brisbane playing host to a large number of local and international acts. For those unaware of what the hell Bigsound live is all about... basically its the Australian version of SXSW... if your still grinding your teeth then FRICKEN google it!
We had the pleasure of heading along to Fortitude Valley to snag some fantastic local and interstate acts including Fishing, Flume, Boy In A Box, Rufus, Yes You, and Pigeon. The stand outs of the night were sydney based trio Rufus who really brought the house down with their energetic, enigmatic, and uplifting party set. Their EP 'Blue' was sent to us a couple of months ago and formed quite the downtempo ambient body of work though off the record these guys seemed like a completely different band! 'Fishing' showed signs of something bigger to come with uniquely pitch shifted raps layered over well produced post dub-step beats, certainly an act to keep a close eye on in 2013.
With so much to more to say about just how good an event like this is for Brisbane and the Australian music industry, we thought we'd just collate a few images and let you guys draw upon your own imaginations as to how good this event is... or you could just check out all the footage and images from the official website!


Untangling The Kite String Tangle

Yesterday on the show we were lucky enough to have Danny Harley, a.k.a The Kite String Tangle, come in and give us a rundown on what this exciting alias is all about. Frequented readers of this blog would know that Danny is also a member of Brisbane electronic band Pigeon... whoops, i forgot no one reads this... my bad, Anyway we were lucky enough to hear a sneak peak of Tinder, a track Danny has been working on though is yet to release and boy were we blown away by this lads talent! Not only musically but also in music knowledge with Danny scoring six and three quarters, out of ten on 'How Bandy is the Band,' and smashing Pat at a game of kite string untangling! Peep the video above to see exactly what went down in studio!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Making Magic Happen with The Vernons

From Left to Right: Jake, James, Pat, Ben, Jonny
Last tuesday on the show an old school mate, Elliot Gooch... YES his surname is GOOCH... stitched us up with an interview with his band 'The Vernons.' Gooch himself wasn't able to get out of his work commitments to come and hang out for an hour, so he sent us johnny and James, the lead singer and lead guitarist of the band. The lads shared insight into their recent recordings with ARIA award winning producer Govinda Doyle whilst also speaking up about their experience with SAE student sound engineers... and how much of an EPIC FAIL that can be. We also heard of the troubles they experienced after changing their name from 'The Pescadoraes' to 'The Vernons' and how offended the crowd was after announcing it to their fans. Check out the video posted above of the lads performing one of their originals 'Miss May' live in studio or hit them up on their Facebook, link posted below.