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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Commonly experienced! Behold... The Bad Roots

We've all experienced it... that dud root that forms great conversation between mates and girlfriends the day after an epic night out. So why not start an epic club night, with a headlining act thats spells it out for us! Enter Val Kilmer's house party this black friday (13th July 2012) and you'd be sure to pull exactly that... A DUD ROOT! But hey, at least your getting some! Meet gold coast trio, The Bad Roots! Formed by brothers Jase and Mark Alpen alongside their handy drummer Jarod, this old school trio have a surf rock sound that is destined to help any single who's ready to mingle, head home and mount the throne! Playing this friday at Brisbanes all time favourite indy haunt 'The Bowler Bar,' alongside The Vernons and Val Kilmer DJ's, the night is shaping up to be one messy gathering so we suggest that you get your i-phone out and pencil in this shit... NOW! For a sneak peak of what your in for check out the guys in-studio above, recording one of their tracks 'Drunk,' whilst probably also in this state of mind... DRUNK!

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