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Monday, 9 July 2012

Can't stop tapping to Clubfeet...

So we arrived at the station this morning and this... pictured above... was in our fricken pidgin hole! Blown away at how amazingly cool the artwork and spiffy white 7" vinyl record sitting smack bang in the front of our faces was, we just had to play it, and boy, are these guys the new black! Not only do they ooze the word dapper with their artwork, their music adds to this vibe to complete the package. Often its really fucken disappointing when something arrives this cool and sounds hyper shit house, though in this case it's definitely all thumbs up! So give these guys a spin Clubfeet, a collective of fellows out of Melbourne town! 'City of Light' and 'This time' are their recent masterpieces, consisting of heavily compressed disco kicks, synthetic sparkles and catchy pop lyrics, you'll be rehearsing these tunes in the shower... regularly! Enjoy, and check their facey page for regular updates on their whereabouts!

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