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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Anyone Thirsty? How about some LEMONADE!

Regular followers of this blog, if there are any of you out there... Sorry. Sorry that i've taken a break from keeping you up to date with the latest splash of music news, i too understand that it may not be the latest, but it sure as hell sounds real when reading this blog! Anyway, i'm back to help you out! I've found something and i believe you guys deserve the GOD DAMN RIGHTS to listen to it. Lemonade.... WTF! I know. This... is... a... band! Formed in San Fran, that hipster-ass place in the USofA, this all male dominated 3-piece initially crafted their music as visceral, psychedelic, and "vaguely tropical rave journeys," that supposedly touched upon the masses, though never quite resonated and stuck around in peoples itunes libraries. Lemonade released a self-titled LP in 2008 influenced by artist such as Liquid Liquid, Sons of a Loop Da Loo Era and Digital Mystikz. Though if your anything like me, you probs have no fucken idea who any of those influences are, making sense as to why you would of never of heard these guys. Since that first release, Lemonade moved to New York, released a second body of work, Pure Moods, and attempted to ditch this Schizophrenic palate for something more along the POP music lines. It seems like the lads decided to "keep it real," merging a plethora of sounds and global rhythms into something more listenable to a wider audience, hence forming this brand new LP, Diver. The newby documents the band as operating as a focused unit, something that seems a tad more interested in speaking to an audience, rather then merely 'blowing the loads' of a bunch of MDMA filled pill heads (Not saying that wouldn't fun, as it would). Labelled as a bold and sensual electronic pop record, this first single 'Ice Water' is something i know you'll enjoy. Listen out for it on our show or watch the clip above!

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