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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

"Moon animals are alive," say LeSuits... and so are Ghosts! ... of York

What a show! The 1st of May was an absolute rip snorter, having the likes of Sydney indy-pop-rock outfit Ghosts of York and Brisbane's very own funk-metal music burrito LeSuits to keep us company! Our interview with Brendan from Ghosts of york is posted below.  Hear what he has to say in regards to hunting foxes and lucrative television deals, you won't be disappointed... seriously! On a more plutonium powered note, LeSuits waltzed on in, and scored a whopping 6.5 out of 10 on 'How Bandy is the Band,' placing them in around 3rd position on our overall 'How Bandy is the Band' poll. Keep checking this blog for the LeSuits podcasts, which will be up very soon and filled with all the details on how to make a moon laser and the exact instructions on how they created the moon dog pictured above! Alpha six, to Roger... Beejaydeejays OUT!

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